[VHFcontesting] Unlimited in club competition

kb7dqh at donobi.net kb7dqh at donobi.net
Mon Dec 8 23:38:00 EST 2008

Or, one could simply operate an Unlimited Multiop station from more than
one grid... Then what???

"Classic Unlimited rover"?

> --- On Mon, 12/8/08, k4gun at comcast.net <k4gun at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Why wouldn't we allow Unlimited Rovers to be counted
>> towards club competition scores?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Because "Unlimited Rover" rules encourage behavior that is contrary to the
> objective of VHF contesting as defined by the rules of the ARRL's present
> slate of VHF contests.
> However, in the "August Rover Road Rally"....I'm all for it.
> Ev, W2EV
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