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Power on the ts2000X can be set for each vhf band and hf by menu. I ran a DEMI xvtr for 222 on the hf side, and SSB xvtr for 903 off 144 and 432 and 1296 direct during the uhf contest.
The freq readout adjust for transverters is not useful since it adjusts all bands by the same amount.
The INRAD crystal filter is a big help with nearby stations.

73 Paul AA4ZZ

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I have been trying to think up of a way to reduce the "clutter" in my shack 
and thought I think about going away from xverters and back to a rig.Namely 
the 2000X.
My questions are; can you have different drive levels for 
different bands.I need 3 watts for 1296,60 watts for 144 and 50 for 432.Also 
can you use the hf port as an xverter for say 2304.I use a 817 now that 
needs about 5 watts,can you set that up via menus to ONLY be able to put out 
5 watts at 28 Mhz so I don't blow it up.I think you can adjust the rigs 
display to read xverter freq on HF?I don't want to rely on turning down this 
button or that knob,I want it to be all menu so I don't blow anything up.Any 
one give me a heads up before I order one??  Gregg K9KL 

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