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jcplatt1 at mmm.com jcplatt1 at mmm.com
Thu Jan 24 09:46:46 EST 2008

Hello Ron and all.    Let me put on my Dakota Division VUAC Rep hat for one

Regarding the use of the Internet (Pingjockey) during the EME contest,
check out the updated rules on the Leagues website.   There is a new
Assisted class that states " 3.5 Assisted operation (Assisted). Any active
or passive use of amateur or non-amateur communication tools used during
the contest period to solicit and/or coordinate a contact prior to the
start of that contact. Once the process of making a contact started further
coordination is prohibited until after the contact is completed in its
entirety via the EME path. If, for some reason, the contact is not
completed in its entirety via the EME path and another attempt is
coordinated or arranged, the process of making the contact must be
restarted from the beginning. Self spotting is allowed. "

Regarding rovers use of APRS during contests, the VUAC did proposed that
ALL stations, including other rovers, could access this data, not just
multi-ops.   When the new rover rule proposal was passed up the
chain-of-command from the ARRL's VUAC to the Program and Services Committee
(PSC), it was the PSC that made this sight modification.  Its my
understanding that it was their belief that the use of Internet APRS data
violates the VHF General Rule that defines what a single op is, "2.1.Single
Operator: One person performs all transmitting, receiving, spotting, and
logging functions as well as equipment and antenna adjustments."  If you,
and any others, are in disagreement with the final outcome you need to
contact your ARRL Director and CC: your VUAC rep.

Hope this was helpful.  Hat off.

73, Jon

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