[VHFcontesting] FW: Using non-amateur means for skeds duringcontests

Thomas Wright kt4hn at carolina.rr.com
Sat Jan 26 22:37:35 EST 2008

I support a change in the rule to allow communication during the contest in
public forums. Packet & Ping Jockey & similar would be OK. Email & phone
calls & other private means would be prohibited. This way the skeds would be
public & others could come to the freq & join in. You could still set up
skeds before the contest by any means.
Tom N4HN EM95

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Why not eliminate all potential for cheating by
changing the rule to allow non-amateur means for skeds
in VHF contests? People at the contest branch have
better things to do than monitor Ping Jockey to catch
Joe Blow. Besides, what's the difference between using
the telephone before the contest and using the
telephone during the contest to arrange a sked if the
object is to complete a QSO via radio? None.


--- Dan Evans <dan.evans at insightbb.com> wrote:

> Seems to me it would be a pretty simple thing for
> someone at the contest 
> branch to record ping jockey, or other dx lists, for
> the weekend.  And 
> then cross check against submitted contest logs to
> look for rules 
> violations.
> Violation = check log
> Probably just an announcement this is going to
> happen would be enough to 
> stop the bulk of it.
> 73
> Dan
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