[VHFcontesting] 2M Sprint

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Sep 23 08:39:12 EDT 2008

A little excitement for the 144 Sprint night. The band was pretty good out to the West. There was also some good VE2/VE3 activity. Sadly, nothing to the East or Northeast except for N4CW/1 in FN53. Some VEs included VE3CVG, VE2HAY, VE2XX, VE3KKL, and VA2WDG.  Around 0054 I got VE3ZV in EN91. That is a good haul from Maine. After 0100 I started to hear signals from the West in EN91. Between 0110 and 0158, I worked several EN91 stations including WA8TWM, K8ZWY, N8KXG, WN8R, WB8PFZ, and K8TVD.  Not much heard to the South, but did snag K4QI in FM06, (0000)  and KO4YC in FM17 at 0200. I heard WZ1V working WA9KRT and W3KWH later on, but could not hear the western stations at all. It seems the opening was not covering much of an area. I thin k the good conditions were drifting southward as the evening progressed. I am not sure when ythings to the west started. VE3ZV in EN92 was the first long distance western station worked at 0054. I heard no tropo to the west after 0158.  This morning, the western path was horrible. WA2UMX in FN23 was below normal! I made a few calls but heard nothing. I wonder how this compares, timewise with other observations? The opening was going on later further South from me. WZ1V and I were chatting after 0300 and he was still working stations to the West (like EN82) that were inaudible here in Maine.
    I ended up with 92 QSOs and 25 grids. 2300 points. That is pretty good for up here in Maine. The band was darn good with plenty of stations! Thanks to all who got on to make for a fun time.


Dave K1WHS

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