[VHFcontesting] 2M Sprint-KD1EU

Chet, N8RA chetsubaccount at snet.net
Tue Sep 23 09:46:33 EDT 2008

Wow, what fun!
Local operator KD1EU accepted an invitation to come and operate the station
in the rookie class. Don had expressed an interest in weak signal 2M after
helping me put up my antenna a year ago, and this was a great opportunity
for him to experience VHF contesting. After recording his CQ message and
showing him the basics of the transceiver, rotor, and various printed
operating aids, he started in. After about an hour or so, he was very
comfortable with the basics, and in between calls we could discuss more of
the transceiver's advanced functions, alternative choices of where to point
the antenna, how to interpret the operating style of other stations, and the
variables that we cannot predict or control that make it such fun every
time. Conditions cooperated nicely to demonstrate some of the tactics (e.g.
look at the map of worked grids and decide when to tune and CQ in the
missing grid direction, often getting  a reply just when you are thinking it
is useless to keep going that way. He also experienced the thrill of being
answered by some very weak stations, requiring straining with repeats to
complete the exchange, or in some instances loosing the station as they
faded into the noise, never to return. 

Following K1WHS's report style and interest in what conditions were like
down this way, 

Don worked: 
EN91 K8TVD at 01:17
EN90 W3KWH at 01:34
EN71 KC8VRR at 01:38 (607 miles!)

and VE's
FN25 VE2XX at 23:57
FN35 VE2JWH at 01:54
FN14 VE3BSB at 01:56

farthest to the SW was
FM07 KG4HOT at 02:31

but no one from adjacent grid FN21!

Bottom line is 54 Q's in 24 grids for a score of 1,296, all on SSB, using
about 250W PEP to 400' of hardline, so I'd say activity and conditions were
wonderful. Thanks to all who called in, for their patience, and to the
sponsors of this neat operating event.

Chet, N8RA

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