[VHFcontesting] 6M HB9CV Antenna & FT-817 2M Overload

Jerry Siegmund jer.sieg at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 12 09:37:56 PST 2009

Cal.. Not familiar with that particular Model.. looks very similar to 
To get started on 6M for Cheap.. I purchased a
A little flimsy in construction..using Wing Nuts for the Boom to Mast 
and EL to Boom.. and this being a 'High Wind Area' and all.. but it has 
been up for at least Two Years.. and still together !  It uses Two 
Driven EL.. and Two Dir. ? So is the One DE a Reflector..? I say a '4el 
Yagi'.. but I guess its really Two Driven, Two Dir..which is '4' .. but 
get 'Excellent Reports' with it at 30'.. and will be Great for /p Op's 
as it goes together Very Quickly..though I would not want to do any 
70MPH Roving with it 5' above the Roof !  I don't think the F/B ratio is 
too great though.. but with the Two DE.. maybe you won't have to AZ it E 
/ W as much.. 'Work 'em Off the Back' so to speak ! GL and keep us 
posted as to your results with it ! 73
Jerry VE6CPP

Cal Cotner wrote:
> Hi all,
>       In a moment of weakness I bought one of the subject antennas  
> (made by Diamond).  I'd be curious about list members' opinions on  
> the antenna.  The thought was to replace a wheezing old 3 el homebrew  
> Yagi for portable operation.  And yes, I know about the Moxon beams.
>       Also, does anyone have comments on the receive overload  
> performance on 2M of the Yaesu FT-817.  When mountain topping In two  
> past VHF contests I've had a lot of trouble on 2M with possible  
> overload of mine.  I suppose It could be splatter from high powered,  
> multi-operator stations sending automated CQs.  I've not experienced  
> this on 6M.  Again, any comment would be welcome.
> 73,
> Cal K4JSI
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