[VHFcontesting] SW Ohio Area -- 2M Frequency Measurement Test

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Mon Dec 21 15:23:57 PST 2009

The Midwest VHF/UHF Society (MVUS, located in Southwest Ohio -- 
http://www.mvus.org) is pleased to announce a special event for the 
Dayton area ham community and beyond, propagation permitting.  In 
conjunction with our HF Frequency Measurement Test (FMT), we will also 
have a 2M FMT for those who want to participate at VHF, or simply to 
check the frequency accuracy of their 2M SSB rig.

The test transmission will be on the air continuously for 48 hours, from 
10 AM EST (1300 UTC) on Monday, Dec. 28, through 10 AM EST on Wednesday, 
Dec. 30.  The signal will be an CW carrier with Morse ID every ten 
minutes per FCC regulations.  The transmitter will be at W8RKO's QTH in 
Centerville, Ohio (grid square EM79wq), with about 30 watts to an 
omnidirectional discone antenna at about 60 feet.

The frequency will be near 144.274 MHz.  Check 
http://www.febo.com/pages/mvus-fmt right before the test for a more 
exact frequency that will be within 50 Hertz of the actual.

The test signal will be derived directly from a Cesium Beam atomic 
frequency reference with accuracy and stability of better than one 
thousandth of a Hertz at 2M -- in shouting distance of NIST, the folks 
who bring you WWV.

So, if we have such an accurate source, why only announce the frequency 
to 50 Hertz?  Well, that is better than the frequency accuracy and 
stability of most VHF radios, even those with temperature compensated 
oscillators, so it's sufficient to directly check your VFO calibration 
(and if you'd like, to measure the drift of your rig).

And it leaves open a challenge for those who are interested: try to 
measure the frequency more accurately than that.  If you'd like to 
compete for fabulous prizes, you may submit your measurment via the web 
page at http://www.febo.com/pages/mvus-fmt/entry_form.html.  The entry 
deadline is January 15, 2010 and we'll publish the full-resolution 
frequency right after that.

For additional information, including details about the HF part of the 
test, see http://www.febo.com/pages/mvus-fmt.  You can also email 
fmt at mvus.org.

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