[VHFcontesting] Henry Tempo 2002A Amplifier FS

David Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Dec 22 11:44:32 PST 2009

Hi folks,
    I have a Henry 144 MHz amplifier for sale. This has a single 3CX800A7 triode in it. Complete with  hypersil power supply deck and the rf deck. Takes about 20 watts for 700 watts output. It runs quite cool at the 700 watt level. It can be hooked up for 115 or 230 vac operation. I ran it on 115 volts. I am rigging up some photos and a better description so you can see what you get. I don't have the manual, but the circuit was designed by Eimac and is very similar to the 3CX800 article that appeared in QST. I have a copy of that. This is a commercial amplifier tuned to about 160 MHz. I lengthened the line to tune it up on 144 MHz. Both the supply and RF deck are pretty clean. The only issues is that the fan is a bit noisy at times. I played around with it and quieted it down, but it may come back over time. I think it will need new bearings eventually. The amplifier comes with a spare tube as well as the one in the amp. I have run both tubes in the amp and both have great gain. If anyone is interested in a nice 144 MHz amp, contact me by email or call 207 658 9076.  Asking $1450 or make an offer. Includes the spare 3CX800A7  (The spare is an MRI pull It works like new.)
    I did not want to put this amp on eBay, but offer it here instead. 

Dave K1WHS

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