[VHFcontesting] Questions on making a valid contest QSO.

Jim Forsyth mail at jimforsyth.com
Sun Mar 15 17:13:02 PDT 2009


I see it that way too.

Jim, AF6O

> For most contests, this is sufficient:
> CQ contest K7CW
> W9RM
> W9RM (report)
> Thanks (report)
> 73 CQ contest K7CW
> As far as the FCC
> is concerned, I am legal and you are legal. As far as most contest
> rules are concerned, the necessary information is passed and confirmed.
> The QSO is complete.
> Now, I don't want to get into any arguments
> about whether this is true on VHF. What the "rules" are for completion
> of meteor scatter QSOs and what the "rules" are for completion of a VHF
> contest QSO may be quite different. My opinion is that the old "rules"
> established back in the 50s by W1HDQ and others should not necessarily
> apply nowadays. There are, however, circumstances where confusion might
> still occur, such as when several stations are battling it out on a
> FSK441 calling frequency. A bit more regimentation might be called for
> here because all signals decode the same, and it is recommended (but
> usually not demanded). You just use your head. But, I see no reason why
> time should be wasted in a contest repeating callsigns, when they are
> already understood. I ask, shouldn't one be required only to be legal,
> then otherwise choose to operate the contest in his own manner? If
> someone needs to have a call repeated, he can ask for it. As I said
> before, contest rules will state it if both stations need to say both
> calls.
> Anyway, that's how I see it.
> 73, 
> Paul, K7CW

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