[VHFcontesting] Roving for Grids

Eugene Zimmerman ezimmerm at erols.com
Tue May 12 08:28:14 PDT 2009


You and everyone else who enters any contest need to read the rules

You cannot use that power and enter as a Single Operator Portable. SOP class
is limited to 10 watts. You want to chase grids. 10 watts is not the way to
go if you want to work new grids and hope that they will hear you.

The best category for you would be Limited Rover [no more than 4 bands and
limitations on your power]. If you choose to do that, you MUST limit your
power on 222 and 432 to 100 watts - again look at the rules. That will be
easy for you to do and the DX will never notice the difference between that
and 125 watts. 200 watts is o.k. on 6 and 2.

Finally beware of the rules for VUCC. They say ALL of your contacts must be
made within a 200 km circle. They do NOT say that must be within just 200 km
LOCATION YOU HAVE USED FOR VUCC. If you want to count the contacts you have
made from home, draw a 100 km radius circle around your QTH and make sure
you are within that radius. There may be directions in which there are no
suitable locations so you can move the center of the circle and increase the
radius out to as much as 200 km but make sure ALL the locations you ever
want to use are within that 200 km INCLUDING YOUR HOME QTH.

Good luck with the grid hunting.

73 Gene W3ZZ

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I'm planning on roving or portable operation during this year's June
Contests. My focus is on working new grids, and increasing my totals towards
VUCC especially on 2M, 222, and 432. Doing well in the contest would be a
bonus, but it's not my goal. 

To meet the requirements for VUCC, I've plotted out a 200km radius circle
from my home QTH. We're now in the process of investigating summits within
that area. Some of the largest include Cheaha Montain, Signal Mountain, Bald
Rock, and others. Since QSO points are not my focus, being near major
population centers isn't a primary factor. Picking up new grids is. 

To that end, I need most of the grids in Georgia and Florida, so clear views
to the East and South are important. 

Some questions for the group; 

1.) Would I be better off to operate as a Single Operator Portable from a
high peak for both days? 

2.) Or would it make more sense to start in the Southern edge of the 200KM
circle and then go North to Cheaha on Sunday? 

Plan now is to run 200 Watts on 2 Meters, 125 Watts on 222, and 100 watts on
432. 6M would be limited to 100 watts and a loop antenna. 

Anything else that I'm not considering regarding this approach? Flagg
Mountain is the highest peak at the Southern end of my 200KM radius, while
Cheha represents the highest peak on the Northern range limit. But I might
opt to operate from a peak closer to home to start out with just to reduce
travel and set up time. 


Les Rayburn, N1LF
121 Mayfair Park
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