[VHFcontesting] Mentor Wanted (WSJT)

Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
Wed Nov 11 13:04:18 PST 2009

In regards to those trying WSJT software for Meteor Scatter and EME, I'd be 
happy to help anyone get started. In my case, I was talked through the 
process using the Ping Jockey MS Reflector at:


Usually if you post that you'd like to try your first QSO, someone on the 
reflector will be happy to walk you through the steps, and answer questions 
as you go. Having someone beside you in the shack is better, of course, but 
it can be done on-line.

If you have a working soundcard interface that allows you to make PSK-31 
contacts, RTTY, etc. then getting started on WSJT isn't hard at all.

Please let me know if I can help. I'd love to see more VHF Men on WSJT---the 
bands are nearly always open using these modes! Great fun too!


Les Rayburn, N1LF
121 Mayfair Park
Maylene, AL 35114

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