[VHFcontesting] For Sale: M2 Fast Mast Portable Mast

W3cmp at aol.com W3cmp at aol.com
Wed Nov 11 17:47:50 PST 2009

Hello all:
     For anyone thinking about   temporary operation from a rare grid 
during a VHF contest, Sprint, or Field  Day, I  have an M2 Fast Mast Portable 
Mast kit for sale. Mast is 22+ feet  tall when used with HD-73 or similar rotor 
at base. It can be turned with rotor  at base or at top, or erected in 
fixed position.  Actual mast above base  section (or rotor at base) consists of 
4 60" telescoping sections of alum  tubing.  Top section is 2" OD.   M2 
rates max vertical load at 80  lbs; max wind load is 10 sq feet at 50 mph.  
Purchased it with great  intentions but never used it. The mast is great for 
portable use.  Comes with custom made rotation/guy bearing which is much better 
than  original, dacron guys, hinged aluminum base plate etc.  Original 
price was  over $180 at AES.  Will sell for $125 including UPS ground to 
continental  US. 73  Chris W3CMP

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