[VHFcontesting] ANNOUNCEMENT: 2009 North American VHF WSJT Geminids Test

Bill W5WVO w5wvo at cybermesa.net
Sun Nov 15 10:52:11 PST 2009

The contest formerly known as the North American High-Speed Meteor
Scatter Contest has been reinvented using distance scoring (as
well as other appropriate rules modifications) and will be held on
December 12 through December 16. This contest, going forward, will
be known as the North American VHF WSJT Geminids Test. As always,
it is sponsored by the WSJT Group

Rules are posted at
http://www.sportscliche.com/wb2fko/w09/rules_w09.pdf. Please read
the Rules carefully, as there quite a few changes this year,
including distance scoring and the allowance of non-MS contacts
(as long as they are made by WSJT). It will be really fun!

See you all there,

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