[VHFcontesting] Roving: Battery vs Generator

Joe Serocki joeserocki at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 12:54:03 PST 2009

I have found that a generator needs to be about 2x as powerful as your max
load. As to generators you really have two choices. The new Inverter based
generators are great, nice and quiet and small and efficient. If you get a
small generator that is 'normal' get an APC (or whatever) power conditioner,
it really, really, really, really helps. I love my small cheap generator for
lights and power tools, the inverter one is 100x better for radios.

I do not like batteries. Too heavy, too high maintenance, etc. Much quieter

Personally I no longer do either. I rove in an Impala squad car, and they
have a cool alternator. It has really high output and also charges well at
idle speeds. If you are looking for ease, overall, consider this.


Joe Serocki

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After the most excellent NEWS group meeting on Saturday, I drove home
with some new ideas churning around in my brain .. mostly as a result
of seeing an LDMOS based FM broadcast pallet amp about the size of a
postcard that would do 750W on 48V.

I'm going to need to replace my battery bank this year .. it's seen
hard use and is ready to go the the great battery recycler in the sky.
Question is, should I consider "going generator"?

I'm interested in direct rover experience with small portable
generators .. good and bad experiences, recommendations pro or con,
etc. One thing that's nice about the self-contained rover is the
(relative) inconspicuousness .. it I have to pull out a generator and
start it up and run a cable back to the rover that's much more
obnoxious in public places than an idling van. Fuel might be another
inconvenience .. or maybe not if a tank lasts as long as the driving
tank does. I'm sure other things will occur to me .. change = fear :(

de w1rt/john

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