[VHFcontesting] The upcoming non-contest

Marshall Williams k5qe at sabinenet.com
Sun Oct 4 14:20:48 PDT 2009

Hello Steve and all....I have corresponded with Jimmy off the 
reflector.  I think he is a decent guy who strongly believes that his 
way is the only way.  He is certainly entitled to his opinion.  However, 
what is posted below is not an analysis, it is Jimmy's opinion and/or 

It would really be nice if the Anti-Assistance ops could explain how 
they were being damaged by having two different classes in the ARRL EME 
contest.  Of course, they cannot, because it is not possible for an 
Assisted station to harm a Non-Assisted station.  I just cannot 
understand the visceral hatred of the Non-Assisted ops, especially since 
they are not being hurt.  Actually, the Pro-Assisted stations might 
actually give you an extra QSO or two that you would not otherwise get. 

 From some of the emails that I have received off the reflector, I am 
beginning to believe that this is all about the Non-Assisted operators 
being able to say, "I won the ARRL EME contest"--rather than being able 
to say, "I won the Non-Assisted Class in the ARRL EME contest".  Is it 
all that petty??  Is it all about egos and bragging rights??  I did win 
my class last year, but I have not bragged about it. 

For us Pro-Assisted operators, Dave(W5UN) and Al(WA4EWV) have made posts 
that show us what we can do during the contest--or more properly, 
non-contest, since we have been excluded from our own event.  Dave will 
operate using every assistance means available....Al has suggested that 
we only work stations on the N0UK logger.  I suggest that the 
Pro-Assistance ops get on and operate as much as they can...using our 
NORMAL methods.  Use the EME logger, make as many contacts as possible, 
have as much fun as you can. 

The most important thing that the Pro-Assisted ops can do is to NOT 
submit a log in the non-contest AND to write your VUAC representative to 
explain why.  If the VUAC sees a large drop in logs this time, they may 
understand what they have done.  It is imperative that they hear from 
you directly.  Foreign stations that are Pro-Assistance may write to 
Sean (skutzko at arrl.org), but US and Canadian stations should write to 
their VUAC representatives.  That is the latest word from the VUAC.  
When you write, please copy me with your letter.  Thank you....

No EME for me on the first week-end.  I will be attending the Pacific 
NorthWest VHF Society meeting in Seaside, OR, this first weekend of the 
non-contest.  I will enjoy meeting and visiting with as many of the PNW 
ops as possible.  During the second week-end, I will be working as many 
Assisted contacts as I can.  I will be having fun and hopefully enjoying 
the week-end.  Maybe I will get lucky and work a new grid or a new 
DXCC.....well I can hope, can't I.

73 Marshall K5QE

steve gross wrote:
> Accolades to Jimmy for his precise analysis of why assisted contacts should not be allowed during contests
> N4PZ.
> I take the opportunity to support the ARRL EME Contest 2009 rules and  
> the effort of ARRL, VUAC Chairman & members, Contest Manager, for the  
> ELIMINATION of Assisted class. In my view a positive and necessary  
> step for the benefit of participants becoming competent operationally  
> and technically, by self training in the art of RADIO Communications.
> Due to this healthy to Radio development, I will be QRV in this year’s  
> competition to the extent that qrl abroad permits, and look forward to  
> work you. Mode/Freq: CW random (no skeds-no spots-no loggers-no  
> internet) 2m-70cm-23cm-13cm
> Thank you, GL & 73
> Jimmy SV1BTR

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