[VHFcontesting] FS - 2M 300 W PA, etc.

Henry Ingwersen, KT1J kt1j at madriver.com
Sun Oct 4 14:41:43 PDT 2009

For Sale: 

1. 144 MHz PA, AM-6155, conservative 5W in - 300W out, N - type transfer relay, AC cable, in Pelican / Zero style transport case. $250.
Can be safely shipped via UPS or FedEx. Possible transport arrangements in the Northeast (Vermont through Maryland)

2. One pair of Russian GU34b glass/metal tetrodes. 500W plate dissipation. Good to 250 MHz. With tube sockets / chimneys. $125.

3. Advanced Receiver Research R144VDA 144 -148 MHz MHz receive converter. 28 MHz IF. (Also has +7 dBm aux. LO output). $50.

4. 144 MHz "Brickette" type amplifier. 10-20 mW in - 5-8W out.  (Mitsubishi M57732L power module, board and heatsink). $50.

5. Three new CITEL P8AX09-N/FF  lightning protectors. N connectors. Good to 5 GHz. $15 each.

6. For DSP-10 SDR:  Analog Devices 21XX-KIT LITE, w. CD and wallwart (new) $50. 

Henry, KT1J
Vermont, Zip 05491

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