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Jon Casamajor k6el at comcast.net
Fri Apr 2 12:54:17 PDT 2010

Duffey said>




 Seriously, I hope Gene includes useful tips in his talk for maximizing
one's scores from areas with low VHF density, and not just tailor his talk
to the Potomac Valley folk. The lack of active VHF ops within normal working
distance is clearly the biggest impediment to higher VHF contesting activity
out here in NM, and I suspect in most of the country west of the 100th
parallel. If there is no Es, it is easy to work out the active contesters on
all bands in an hour or two. Then what do you do? Maybe Gene can give us
some tips.


This is exactly what I am hoping to hear a few hints on also as I am sort of
out on the fringes of the dense activity.  I'm north and east of the Bay
area and Sacramento and south of Portland/Seattle so I am not in the normal
footprint of activity. Occasionally someone from southern Cal will look up
this way and can be worked but with the density in that area, why would they
bother? The same applies with the bay area and Sacramento guys really so I
have to work a little harder to get their attention as I am in an area where
there aren't many guys on.  I can only wonder what the east coast must be
like when I see their Q counts. 

Gene must surely have some nuggets that guys like us can work with.


Duffey said>>



Using WSJT, MS, and EME is one way to get the multipliers up, and I hope
that Gene includes how best to effectively use these modes in a contest.
Speaking of which, I usually don't have much activity out here on Sprint
nights, so I am going to try some WSJT experiments. Is anyone else up for
giving this a try, perhaps to practice useful techniques for the June


K6EU and I tried some WSJT/MS in January with no success.  I still think
that this could be fun and add some multipliers if conditions were right and
I will try it again. We both used 6m at around sunrise as I recall. I did
see one signal from W7CE as I recall but we didn't complete.  We probably
need more guys on and aware of others who will be on which is a problem
generally with MS as I'm running out of guys to work there.  I have the same
exact result with sprint nights here. Where legal, I've done some schedules
with good results but it's pretty much no activity or very little around
CM99.  I think my best Q count was 6 on one 6m sprint night.

I am looking forward to Gene's comments even if they are somewhat biased,
understandably so, to the Potomac Valley area.  There are always nuggets to
be gleaned from any experienced and accomplished contester that can make my
efforts more rewarding and fun.  When I see those huge scores from other
areas I have to give my head a hard shake because there has to be something
that I'm not doing as well as they are.(probably a lot of things!)   


Hey Duffey, maybe we need to lobby for a handicap scoring system to give us
a few more points! J  




 73, Jon



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