[VHFcontesting] W3ZZ 144 MHz Spring Sprint

Eugene Zimmerman ezimmerm at erols.com
Wed Apr 14 12:46:23 PDT 2010

My results are as follows
W3ZZ Spring Sprint 144 MHz -- 4 hours operating
73 Qs     19622 points
If we submit Cabrillo files I assume that the sponsors have obtained or
written software that will calculate the distance scoring results from the 6
digit grids. My score was produced by using the internal distance calculator
in Win-Test, importing the required parts of the log into an Excel file and
summing the Win-Test distance calculations. I have no idea how accurate the
distance algorithm in Win-Test is or how it compares to the current
state-of-the-art BD2004.
This was a very interesting experiment. I had no problem getting 6 digit
squares from everyone I worked though it was somewhat more difficult to copy
those last two letters than just copying the 4 digit square. I have no doubt
that distance scoring is a major improvement over the current rules. I know
that W9GKA and many others have been working on an implementation of
distance scoring for quite some time via a Yahoo group and this Spring
Sprint is the first attempt at trying distance scoring in a significant
American VHF contest.
I found conditions perhaps slightly better than the average Sprint. I
thought activity was slightly less good especially to the south. I worked
stations northeast to Maine, west to Indiana and south to central North
Carolina. ODX was K1WHS (WA1T operating) at 705 km and W8BYA at 701 km. 
Thanks to JK for sponsoring this event and a big round of applause for
implementing distance scoring.
73 Gene W3ZZ

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