[VHFcontesting] 756 ProII ATU

Bill Burgess ve3cru at rac.ca
Mon Apr 19 12:44:42 PDT 2010

My 7 year old 756 ProII has seen many contests and much use of the ATU, which seems to be sluggish now.  Very hard tuning antennas, sometimes unsuccessful.

Has anyone had an Icom ATU replaced or repaired?  What did it cost?

Also wondering if the inductors use nylon gears which may wear over time.  If such is the case, and the gears are setscrewed to the shafts, it may be possible to move one gear to mesh with a better area of the other gear(s) as a temporary cure.  Local Icom rep where I bought it won't give estimates over the phone, wants to get it so they can charge for the estimate.

Looking forward to your experiences.


Bill   VE3CRU

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