[VHFcontesting] PT7/PY2ZX > HI06

py2zx ham py2zx.ham at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 07:29:38 PST 2010


I will be active till December, 13 at HI06, PW7T contest station as
PT7/PY2ZX on 50 MHz and 144 MHz, 100 W horizontal polarization. I´m looking
for Caribbean stations due Equatorial Es. Also checking any possbile path
with Europe, including monitoring 70 MHz. PSE any scked and suggestions are
welcome and use my personal e-mail for the reply. Yesterday I had very good
listening of FY7THF beacon, but no takers. Some tropo ducting indications
(HTI) show possible openings to West Caribbean/YV/9Y.


Flavio PT7/PY2ZX

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