[VHFcontesting] 2010 Spring Sprints Update (#3)

Spring Sprints springvhfuhfsprints at gmail.com
Mon May 3 11:58:05 PDT 2010

Greetings all,

THREE weeks have now passed since the first of this year's Spring Sprints
on 144 MHz and FOUR of the events are DONE (stick a fork in them and turn
them over!).

1. The final count of logs from the 144 MHz event is 86 with 97% of the
QSOs recording 6-character Grids. No log had less than 60% of QSOs
with 6-characters recorded and almost 75% of the logs (62) had 100% of the
QSOs with 6-character Grids recorded.

2. WEDNESDAY, May 5th, is the log submission deadline for the 222
MHz Sprint. The count of logs received for last week's 222 MHz event is
now 43 with all of them "accepted".

3. The count of logs received for last week's 432 MHz Sprint is now 38
with 37 of them "accepted". If you are planning to MAIL a PAPER Log for
432 MHz, remember that the Submission deadline is next week, Thursday,
May 13, 2010 so don't delay in getting that IN the mail as it must be
RECEIVED by mail by that deadline (though there is still more than a
full week for e-mailed submissions).

4. Logs from the Microwave Spring Sprint that just ran this past Saturday
morning are coming in, too, 10 received in JUST TWO days since the event.

5. The FINAL event of the 2010 Spring Sprint series is this coming
Saturday, May 8th in the evening (late afternoon/evenng for western
time zones). Let's hope for some Sporadic-E (or "Scatteradic"?) or
whatever leads to some good propagation and activity!

6. PLEASE remember that it is Just "me", no "robot" to automatically look
at your log when it arrives in the Inbox. And it is "me", again, doing the
updates to the Logs Received Reports MANUALLY and as I can...trying to
update them at least EVERY OTHER day but there WILL BE longer delays
(and there's always a chance that I may update MORE frequently).

Continued thanks to all participants, keep the participation going and
those logs coming in.

73, JK

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