[VHFcontesting] It's May!

John D'Ausilio jdausilio at gmail.com
Mon May 3 06:58:12 PDT 2010

and the thoughts of Rovers turn to scheduling and routes :)

W1RT/R manned by W1RT and ON4IY will rove essentially the same track
as September with minor modifications.
We'll start in FN31 at West Rock (and not melt down the alternator
this time), followed by FN20 Eagle Rock, FN30 Sandy Hook and finishing
up Saturday at Pimple Hill in FN21.
Sunday will see us in FN10 Pismire Ridge, then FN11 somewhere, FM19
Big Mountain, FM09 probably at Owen's beacon site, a running qso or
two in FM18 and arriving in FM08 by about 6PM for the final push.

Detailed schedule soon ..

de w1rt/john

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