[VHFcontesting] contesting and directional antenna

w0ep w0ep at yipyap.com
Sun May 16 14:53:11 PDT 2010

I enjoyed Gene's writeup in the June 2010 QST which I just received.

I am not much of a contester, I just enjoy taking advantage of
occasions with lots of stations on the air willing to talk to me.
I've pretty much been a dipole guy on HF.

I am also rather new to non-FM VHF.  I am planning my
station.  I'd like to know what are the modern solutions
for the directionality problem, as in, how to find stations
on the air when both ends have directional antennas,
weak signals and no coordination?  Rotating a dish like radar?
multiple antennas pointing various directions?  Is there
an electrically steerable, horizontally polarized array
like the  verticals that 160 meter guys get to play with?

If I'm stuck with at the technology of a Ham IV rotator
sweeping back and forth, is there a pattern or timing
or other conventional wisdom?


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