[VHFcontesting] VE3WCC June ARRL VHF QSO Party Operation FN04xa

Gabor Horvath ve7dxg at rac.ca
Mon May 31 12:58:16 PDT 2010

The VA7ISL contest group will once again head up to the "Perch" in CN88bv on 
Southern Vancouver Island.
We'll be QRV on 6m through 2304 and on 10GHz. We'll have 100W and long Yagis 
on the low bands and a few Watts on microwaves.
The primary goal of the operation is to outscore VE3WCC and get first place 
multiop in Canada.
We are always looking for more operators, if you're interested, come and 
join us! We'll have VE7DAY, DXG, JOX, SLZ and VA7AJK on the hill. Bunch of 
really cool guyz. You don't have to bring anything, we have it all.
This time we will actually turn on the903+ gear on Sunday, so if you're in 
the Puget Sound area and want to go out somewhere we'll be looking for you.
The access road is still snowed in, but the torrential rains predicted 
should wash it away by contest time.

Gabor, VE7DXG

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] VE3WCC June ARRL VHF QSO Party Operation FN04xa

> Members of the West Carleton Amateur Radio Club of Ottawa will
> operate VE3WCC "Field Day" style in a multi-op effort from FN04xa for
> the June ARRL VHF QSO Party.  Located at 730 feet ASL overlooking
> Lake Ontario, the location will have a clear shot to the major
> population centers of Ontario, Northern New York State and beyond.
> This will be out third year of operating from this site.
> As for last year's contest the group will operate all bands from 6M
> through 1296 MHz. This year we will run higher power (700w on 6m and
> 2m).  We will also use a 5.8GHz telephone system and Ramsey laser kit
> for relatively nearby communications as well as 10 GHz wideband FM
> using a Tellurometer but no narrowband 10GHz.  We scored the highest
> number of points of any Canadian operation last year and hope to do
> even better this year from the relatively rare grid square.
> We will also be able to operate WSJT at 2 and 6m and hope for more
> contacts with our higher power.  Schedules are very welcome! Please
> send your sked request to <VE3XRA (at) rac.ca>.
> Rovers who will be within range are asked to forward their rover
> schedules.  Please include the grids squares and approximate times
> you plan to be in each, a list of bands you are able to operate, and
> the co-ordination frequency you will use.  Those rovers who will
> actually pass through FN04 are very welcome to stop by for a snack
> and hot coffee - directions to our location can be sent by e-mail
> upon request.  As well, a limited number of 10 GHz Tellurometers will
> be available for loan to rovers.  We will be located near the
> intersection of 4 grids, so this could be quite profitable in terms
> of QSOs!
> 73
> Glenn MacDonell
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