[VHFcontesting] The new CQ WW VHF contesting rules

Marshall Williams k5qe at sabinenet.com
Wed Apr 20 18:07:22 PDT 2011

Hello to everyone on the list...for some reason, this topic has been 
playing out on the VHF reflector.  Several hams have pointed out to me 
that this rightly belongs on the VHFContesting reflector.  I am cross 
posting this, so that everyone will be informed.  Please check out the 
new CQ WW VHF contest rules.  I think that they are great...others do 
not agree.....

73 Marshall K5QE

Hello Jay...If it were up to me, anyone would be able to spot themselves...or anyone else, in ALL VHF contests.  This was the proposal put forth by Russ-K2TRK.  There would be no separate classes for
"Assisted" vs "Non-Assisted"....everyone would be able to spot themselves or anyone else.  As Russ put it, "Anyone would be able to do it".  There are now 3 worldwide VHF contests that allow a station to spot themselves(there may be more)....giving Call, Frequency, and sequence ONLY.  The are some regional contests that allow this same approach.  I believe that this is the correct method and will be adopted more and more in the future.

I did not write the CQ rules, but they are magnificent compared the the stodgy, legacy HF rules of the ARRL affairs.  You have said that you don't like the digital modes....OK...that is fine with me....don't use them.

In any case, I believe that VHF contesting should be about making the maximum number of contacts possible(considering your station, the other station, propagation, whatever).  VHF contesting should NOT be about bumbling around in a dark room and hoping that you happen to bump into another station just by luck.  With the digital modes, it is important that there be some way to "find" other stations to work.  HF methods(tuning the band, CW skimmer, whatever) will not work.  So it is
quite possible for several stations to be available for contacts, except that you will never know about them.

I think that CQ made a finely crafted compromise.  Self spotting is needed for the digital modes, but it is not needed for the normal SSB/CW modes.  Also, remember that 90+++% of the contacts made are SSB/CW.  This compromise represents half a loaf to those that favor the old HF methods(for SSB/CW) and half a loaf for those that want to use the new digital modes.  I am certain that it will result in a LOT more activity--especially in the late night hours when, in the past, there was nothing happening.  And for me, and many others, activity is what contesting is all about.

73 Marshall K5QE

On 4/20/2011 4:36 PM, Jay Kesterson K0GU wrote:

> >  On 4/20/2011 9:10 AM, Marshall Williams wrote:
>> >>  Hello everyone...WOW!!  Talk about "Ask and ye shall receive"....I
>> >>  posted on this reflector that the CQ WW VHF rules had not yet been
>> >>  published.  About a day later, I got this.  The actual address for the
>> >>  rules is
>> >>  http://www.cqww-vhf.com/CQVHFContestRules2011.pdf.
>> >>
>> >>  This is WONDERFUL new set of rules.  I have always thought that the CQ
>> >>  WW VHF contest was the best contest that we have, but this makes it even
>> >>  better.  This is what the rules for a VHF contest ought to look like.
>> >>  Thank you John and the whole CQ VHF contest group.
>> >>
>> >>  A nice compromise was struck between the older "normal" modes(which will
>> >>  still dominate by far) and the newer WSJT meteor scatter and EME modes.
>> >>  The silly distinctions between what a single-op can do and what a
>> >>  multi-op can do are not there.  The goal here really is to "Work as many
>> >>  stations as possible".  Wake up ARRL, this is what VHF contesting rules
>> >>  ought to look like....
>> >>
>> >>  I will be looking for everyone in July when the CQ WW VHF contest runs
>> >>  again.....
>> >>
>> >>  73 Marshall K5QE
> >
> >     As I understand it there are no separate categories for digital and
> >  non digital in this contest. But the digital OPs are allowed to spot
> >  themselves and others are not? The word wonderful isn't what popped in
> >  my mind. The word that popped in my mind started with bull.
> >
> >  73,  Jay  K0GU  DN70mq

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