[VHFcontesting] CQ WW VHF Contest Rules Changes

Aa4zz aa4zz at aol.com
Fri Apr 22 13:37:16 PDT 2011

CQVHF actually thought of how VHF operations occur when developing new rules.
Instead they should always refer to the gold standard of HF contest rules.
If they needed new rules they could have looked to the HF world and found these useful ideas:
Contacts between stations in the same grid are permitted for multiplier credit but have zero (0) point value.
Special QSY Rule: If any station solicits a call (by sending CQ, QRZ?, "going up 5 kHz," or any other means of soliciting a response, including completion of a QSO where the frequency was inherited), they are permitted to work only one station in response to that solicitation. They must thereafter move at least 1 kHz before calling another station, or at least 5 kHz before soliciting other calls. Once a station is required to QSY, that station is not allowed to make another QSO on the vacated frequency until or unless at least one subsequent QSO is made on a new frequency.
Phone, CW and Digital (non-CW) modes on a band are considered as separate bands. A station may
be worked only once per band under this rule.
Satire mode off.

73 Paul AA4ZZ

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