[VHFcontesting] Spring Sprints Now in N1MM

kevin kaufhold kkaufhold at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 15:36:22 PDT 2011

Thanks to the great assistance from Nick, NA3M and all the folks on the N1MM reflector, the N1MM logging program has been updated to include distance scoring in the Spring Sprints.  The latest version, released 4-19-2011, now includes QSO templates for the Sprints which are compatible with most of the sponsor’s needs.  The base install for N1MM can be found at: 
and then go to the files area.  The update that includes the Spring Sprints is also in the files ares, identified as "latest updates":  More specifically, it is at:   
Please send in comments on your use of this program.  While I have tested the program for compatibility with the sponsor’s dupe checking and scoring program, the more input the better.  Pros, cons, problems, please feel free to report.   
Also, please note that the 432 Sprints is next Wed.  I was on for 2 meters, but rained out for 222. I will be on 432, 7 - 11 PM Central time, EM58cp. Point in the general area of St. Louis, and I will be at 432.100 + -. 

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