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Les Rayburn les at highnoonfilm.com
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I’ve heard from some of the local contesters that Linemaster switches are often found in the shacks of some of the larger, and well equipped stations. But at the ebay price range, we can all afford them. They certainly are built tough...and if they’re in use in fire apparatus, that only makes me feel better about using them in the shack. I’ve gotten pretty excited when a rare grid pops up, and stomped on the switches pretty hard...but I doubt it compares to the sensation you must get when a distracted driver pulls out in front of you when you’re on a call! 


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Hi Les.

There are plenty of this company's light duty 'compact' model being 
installed on the floors of many of today's fire apparatus.  As a 
Driver/Engineer I've been squishing them under my left foot to control 
mechanical sirens and air horns for 27 years now.  I've yet to break one.


Jon Pearl - W4ABC

On 2/3/2011 3:32 PM, Les Rayburn wrote:
> After having a foot switch failure during the January VHF Contest, I went
> looking for something beyond the cheap, plastic foot switches commonly sold at
> ham radio stores for this application. A friend suggested the b

> line of industrial foot switches, with a specific recommendation for their
> b
> http://www.linemaster.com/
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