[VHFcontesting] For Sale/Trade: 23cm and 2m high power SS amplifier PC boards

Greg Zenger [N2GZ] n2gz at gregzenger.com
Sun Feb 13 05:03:37 PST 2011

I found other sources for power on these bands, and it's unlikely that I
will get around to building anything with these PCBs.  All priced at less
than what I originally paid.


I have Two W6PQL 150W MRF-286 (XRF-286) PCBs and Two high power 23cm Hybrid
couplers for combining them. Ro4003C microwave substrate. $140 takes the
lot. Free postage to USA. Transistors are less than $20 each (4x needed)
from utsource (I have none to supply)

See: http://www.w6pql.com/parts_i_can_provide.htm (Currently sold out.)



I also have Two 300Watt 144MHz BLF278/MRF151G 48V PCBs (PA0V/VK4DD design). 

$25 each, free postage to USA . Transistors are typically $100-140 each (1x
needed per board) I have none to supply.

See: http://vk4dd.com/index.php?option=com_content


I will consider trades. Things I am looking for: 2+ watt 24GHz amplifier
with WG flanges on input and output, Bird 250A slug, 90 degree hybrid
coupler SMA for 3.4 GHz. 


Thanks for looking,

Greg, N2GZ


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