[VHFcontesting] CQ WW VHF Contest Rules Change

n8ofs at mjbrowns.com n8ofs at mjbrowns.com
Wed Feb 16 10:54:03 PST 2011

> I suspect it would make little or no difference as to who wins or loses
the events...

Yea really...  The same big guns are going to win no matter what rule
changes are made...

> ...(and most of us casual contesters are not that concerned about winning
> anyway) and would put a lot more new ones in the log.

Some of us are not even remotely concerned with winning...  We are only
concerned with having the maximum amount of fun possible...  i.e.
Broadcasting Live and Direct from a Caboose, Broadcasting Live and Direct
from a State Park, etc etc etc...

> It's basically an oversized "activity night" for bands that are normally
> very quiet.
That, in and of itself, is the ONLY reason I do the ARRL January VHF, ARRL
September VHF, and the CQ WW VHF Contests; there are more people out there
than any other "normal" weekend...  Of course, I'm always out somewhere
for the ARRL June VHF Contest because it seems that during the day there's
either enough locals to work or the band is almost always open to

And don't forget about the Spring Sprint, SMIRK Contest, and Fall Sprint;
ya might actually work somebody other than the usual locals...

> Les Rayburn, N1LF


Andy N8OFS GOT6???

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