[VHFcontesting] Group purchase of HP Compaq 3000W 48v Hot-Plug Power Supply

Marshall Williams k5qe at sabinenet.com
Wed Feb 16 14:09:39 PST 2011

Hello all.....as many of you know, there are a glut of HP Compaq 3000W 
48v Hot-Plug Power Supplies on eBay right now.  They range in price from 
$25(+$17 shipping) to $38(+$17 shipping).  Also, since I live in TX, I 
have to pay state sales tax on these.

Apparently, these power supplies are perfect for running the new Solid 
State amplifiers, such as the M2 1KW 6M amp and the soon to be released 
1KW 2M amp.  These amps run on 48V.  The power supplies put out 51V, but 
supposedly, it is possible to turn them down a bit.  I have not yet 
figured out how to do that....I do know how to make them start up.  
These power supplies take 240VAC for the input.

I am going to purchase 10 of these for myself.  I have a friend that is 
going to pick them up for me in Garland, TX.  This means that we can 
escape the high shipping charges, but we do have to pay state sales tax, 
since I live in TX.  I think that $30 each is fair, since I have to pay 
sales tax and a little gas for my friend.

I will be attending the SE VHF conference in Huntsville, AL, so I could 
bring some of them over there with me.  I will be attending the Central 
States conference too, but it will be right in the Dallas area, so you 
could go over and pick them up yourself.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a large lot of these, we may be 
able to get them at the same time....hopefully, we might negotiate a 
cheaper price, but that is not guaranteed.....

Thoughts anyone???

73 Marshall K5QE

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