[VHFcontesting] TE Power Connector for used 222 Amp purchase

Eric Watkins shelshok at comcast.net
Sun Feb 20 12:45:43 PST 2011

Those are "cinch jones" plugs. Digikey and Mouser sell them for 
around $3 (each if I remember correctly).  I've contacted TE in the 
past and simply ordered the 7 pin tube connectors. Then wire from the 
correct pin to a RCA connector. The pinout is documented in the 210G 
manual, which if you don't have you should order when you get the 
7pin connector. Agreed, it's hard to contact TE via electronic means, 
I simply call their number till I get through and then pretend it's 
the 1st time I tried. (Expressing frustration doesn't move your order forward.)

I have 3 TE Systems AMPs from 6-440 and they are rock solid once you 
can get them connected right.

Good luck,


At 04:27 PM 2/19/2011, you wrote:
>I just purchased a used TE Systems 210G amplifer that arrived in good
>condition. Unfortunately, it's missing the "DC" power connection at the
>rear. I'm not even sure what those plugs are called, except that it's the
>square, four flat pin job that a lot of older TE amps have.
>Ditto the 7 pin "tube" type socket for external keying.
>I'd love to purchase both if anyone on the list has spares that they're
>willing to part with.
>Or would it better to simply open it up and connect some heavy gauge wire
>directly to the motherboard for DC power, and likewise for external keying.
>I really like the TE Amps, but the use of non-standard connectors makes them
>a bit of a pain.
>Any help appreciated, as always.
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