[VHFcontesting] Yaesu FT-736R and 9600 Baud FSK

Zachary Leffke zleffke at vt.edu
Tue Jul 12 17:16:18 PDT 2011

Hello All,

                I have a pretty simply question from a pretty new ham.  Is
the Yaesu FT-736R capable of 9600 Baud TNC interfacing?  If so can you
please point me to some documentation/white papers, etc. that may explain in
detail how to properly operate 9600 Baud packet radio with this rig.  If
this is not possible could you please fill me in on what the limitations are
and why it won't work with this rig? 


Right now I have a KPC9612+ TNC interfaced to the radios data in/out port.
While this set up works fine for 1200 Baud, it does not seem to work at all
for 9600.  I have a single cable plugged into the radio's data in/out port
and ptt that goes to a data selector switch which controls which TNC port
the radio is connected to(1200 or 9600).  I've verified that the pinouts are
correct for which data port is selected, but when receiving and transmitting
FSK9600 its like there is no audio.  What I mean is that when monitoring
FSK9600, I can see the s-meter indicating I'm receiving something but I get
no audio and no packets decoded (like someone keyed the mic but then kept
silent).  Conversely, when I transmit test packets and monitor them on my
HT, its seems to be the same, full FM quieting, but no audio, no packets,
nothing.  When using the TNC's CALIBRATE command with the 9600 Baud port I
get audio test tones, but when actually sending packets, I get nothing.


This scenario leads me to think one of two things.  Either the radio cannot
properly handle 9600 baud communication, even with the use of it's data
in/out port, or more likely, I'm not doing something right.  Either way, any
light that anyone may be able to shed on the problem for me would be greatly


By the way I'm using all of this on the 70cm Band (in case that matters).



Zach, KJ4QLP


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