[VHFcontesting] DEMI 1296 transverter for sale for K1DY

Fred n1dpm at verizon.net
Mon Jul 18 08:12:11 PDT 2011

Bill has been having troubles posting to this reflector so he asked if I could post this for him...

DEMI 1296 transverter F.S.
Hi Gang, I have for sale a MINT DEMI 1296-144HP2 high power transverter. Thisis an olderone,marked "H2" but steve says they arethe same,and the olderones actually put out morepower.This one doesover 40 watts and has hardly been used. It'sset up with singleline I.F. in and single line RF out.. right now set for about 3 watts drivebut the rx and tx gain is adjustable and accessible from the bottom..
asking $460 OBRO PayPal preferred..please respond to me directly at callbill at hotmail.com
thanks!! Bill K1DY in maine

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