[VHFcontesting] DEMI 1296 Transverter F.S.

Paul Decker kg7hf at comcast.net
Wed Jul 20 07:46:45 PDT 2011

Hi Bill, 


I wonder how well that would work with a 12 foot dish and a pair of 3cx400U7's (yes U7, not A7) ? 



70 cm Amp is still running strong.  I got a new (used) 40' tower installed and have fine tuned my 4x15 432 yagi array as well as added a 26 db 0.1nf mast mounted preamp.  I'm just about ready to try some eme . 


Still need to get the 2m station up and running, maybe late summer for that one. 








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Hi gang, 
I have a DEMI 1296-144HP2 "25 watt" transverter for sale. It looks mint because it is practically unused and works perfectly putting out around 40 watts saturated power. Didn't measure the noise figure but it hears really well. Setup for single line I.F. in and single RF line out. 
Price is $460 plus shipping.. PayPal preferred 
bill, K1DY in Maine 

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