[VHFcontesting] Microwave Update & Eastern VHF/UHF Conference Registration

Steven M. Simons ssimons at manitousys.com
Sat Oct 8 06:37:17 PDT 2011

To all those last minute registrants - let’s get off the fence and register

Join the party and meet your fellow VHF and microwavers – preregistration
now  @ 125 and growing !!!

Dave Sumner K1ZZ will present at our conference banquet,

We have a growing list of door prizes to be presented at the banquet,

There are hospitality suites on Thursday & Friday evenings as well as
Saturday after the banquet,

Presentations covering operating and technology,

Tour of Haystack Observatory on Thursday,  

Pre-register now @ www.microwaveupdate.org 

Steven M. Simons

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