[VHFcontesting] WD0T DN94 6m sprint

Todd Dravland-WD0T wd0t at mncomm.com
Sat Aug 11 18:33:02 PDT 2012

It was more like a walk or a crawl, not a sprint!  Had 5 Q's the first hour, 2 Q's the second, 1 in the 3rd and 7 in the 4th hour, actually the last 20 minutes, even 2 Q's in 1 minute, Woohoo!  

15Q's X 13 grids = 195 pts.

Not as good as the June VHF for sure, but still fun trying.. And I had 5 more stations that I could not get their grid, who called in or I called.. lot of quick QSB and meteor burns that were short. 

Worked all except 1 station on 50.125, just no one else copyable away from that freq. 

Didn't try WSJT at all, wasn't prepared equipment wise for that. 


IC706MK2,  8877 amp at 1200w, 5 ele yagi at 40ft. 

Needed more/ higher/larger  antennas to really make this work.. I am hoping September VHF is better on 6m, but not counting on it.

Thanks for all the Q's and for those doing the work putting this and the other sprints together. 73 Todd WD0T

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