[VHFcontesting] Fall 6M Sprint results - N9LB

Lloyd Berg lloydberg at charter.net
Sat Aug 11 19:16:00 PDT 2012

My XYL and I went to a art fair on Saturday morning and got back home early
in the afternoon.  I sat down to rest up for a few minutes before preparing
for the sprint, and fell asleep.  30 minutes into the sprint I work up -

I hurried to get everything hooked up, and I think I was able to QSO most of
the locals.  Band conditions were absolutely flat, with the exception of a
lot of short meteor burns.  This was my first experience with meteors, and
unfortunately I was not able to complete several attempted meteor trail
contacts.  The good news is that I was able to confirm six meteor DX
contacts on the longer burns:

KA2LIM   FN12   639 miles, NY
K1IED      FN31  860 miles, CT
K1WHS   FN43  927 miles, ME
W2FU      FN13  601 miles, NY
W6GMT  EN37  329 miles, MN
WD0T     DN94  553 miles, SD

Thanks also go to K9JK/R ( roving the Chicago area ) for providing four
grids - that really added to the overall score for many participants in the

Best "local" DX was W0WOI ( Iowa ) at 262 miles, followed by W9FF (
Illinois ) at 190 miles.

Worked N0AKC ( Wisconsin ) at 169 miles just one minute before the contest

Band  QSOs    Pts    Grd
Total     22        22      15
Score : 330

Thanks to all for being there, and hope to work you all in the September VHF


Lloyd - N9LB  EN52 ( Wisconsin )

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