[VHFcontesting] FM-Only Frequencies?

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Tue Dec 11 19:58:41 EST 2012

On 12/11/12 19:46, Les Rayburn wrote:
> I'm excited about the new "FM Only" category that is scheduled to 
> debut in this January's VHF Sweepstakes Contest. I hope that other 
> weak-signal VHF
> operators are also looking forward to this development.
> For most of us, it may mean adding a higher gain vertically polarized 
> antenna, more power on FM, etc.
> My only concern is that it may be difficult for newcomers to "find" 
> weak signal operators who are looking for them. The National Simplex 
> frequency is off-limits, of course,
> so what frequencies will you be monitoring in your area? For distant 
> questions, it's really necessary to monitor with the squelch 
> off--meaning that it would be helpful
> to have two or three frequencies where weak signal operators could 
> look for newcomers and casual operators.
> Personally, I think it would be great if the ARRL had published 
> "recommended" frequencies for the contest, but so far that suggestion 
> hasn't been acted on. So,
> I'm curious--
> 1.) What are other weak signal operators doing differently in this 
> contest to support more FM activity? I'd love to hear about changes in 
> operating strategy, new or
> improved gear, etc.
> 2.) What frequencies will you be monitoring or do you think will be 
> active in your area?

If there are no guides for frequencies, I'd look around the National Simplex

   6 - 52.525
   2 - 146.52
222 - 223.5
440 - 556.0
33cm - ?
23cm - 1294.5

FM'ers know those frequencies so I would think that's the best
place to start.  Staying off the exact nsf is a good  idea.

For 2 I'd lurk from 146.50 down to 146.40.  For 440 from 445.0
to 447.0 excluding 446.0 .

Of course this is from my perspective in Michigan.

I think this is neat, having an FM only category.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en72

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