[VHFcontesting] FM-Only Frequencies?

Paul Decker kg7hf at comcast.net
Wed Dec 12 11:34:51 EST 2012

There seems to be so little activity on FM simplex and on VHF FM anyway, I personally would just call on the calling frequency and not worry about it too much. I believe the argument you presented holds and it's not against the law.

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I like the idea of the FM-only category... it won't make a huge difference in 
but it opens up the contest for people that don't have limited vhf stations.

But here's what happens next (based on many actual conversations):

Me: Hey, Charlie, there's an FM category in the VHF contests. You should give it 
a try.

Charlie: OK, sounds great. I'll look for you on 146.52 MHz, right?

Me: Well, no, you can't use the FM calling frequency for calling in the contest.

Charlie: Really? If I was operating SSB, can I use the SSB calling frequency?

Me: Well, yes, that is allowed. But for some reason FM is treated differently.

Charlie: Wow, that seems dumb.

Me: Correct.

On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 6:46 PM, Les Rayburn wrote:

>so what frequencies will you be monitoring in your area? For distant
>questions, it's really necessary to monitor with the squelch off--meaning
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