[VHFcontesting] FM-Only Frequencies?

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Similar thing going on in West Central IL. I no longer monitor 52 because of 

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> I am sure the .52 Rule was put in place for large Metro areas that 'must
> utilize it' on occasion.. which is probably a good idea..g

Mike wrote

I have mixed opinions about .52, I office out of the house and I use
to leave an old radio that didn't have a tone board on a separate
antenna on .52 on just to monitor for a calling station when in the
office.  But now we have an exclusive bunch of rag-chewers near me
that seem to be there ALL the time. They are exclusive in the manner
they operate, they don't tell you its their frequency, they just tend
to ignore you if aren't among the chosen.  I have heard them tell
others that they can talk there all they want as long as they follow
the rules.  So I don't monitor 52 anymore.

As most of know 52 was a place you could hang out and if you heard
someone and the q lasted more than a minute or two you go ... hey lets
go down to 46 and open 52 back up.  There are three or four groups
that hang out in the 145 sub band.  And some of them must be running
some significant power based upon how far I hear them.

Mike Urich KA5CVH

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