[VHFcontesting] FM-Only Frequencies?

Jerry jer.sieg at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 12 14:33:02 EST 2012

Happens on 50.125 and 144.200 'All the Time' as well Mike !  Like I 
said.. 'Common Sense..or I guess the 'Gentleman's Agreement' come into 
Play Now !  But we sorrta Teach 'Neither' !  Would a 'Newbie' (and 
Oldies alike..) understand a 'Double Break' or a more serious 
interruption in their QSO ?

On 12/12/2012 12:02 PM, Mike (KA5CVH) Urich wrote:
> But now we have an exclusive bunch of rag-chewers near me
> that seem to be there ALL the time. They are exclusive in the manner
> they operate, they don't tell you its their frequency, they just tend
> to ignore you if aren't among the chosen.

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