[VHFcontesting] FM-Only Frequencies?

Dave, WV9E dave at wv9e.net
Wed Dec 12 21:33:12 EST 2012

We use 146.46 n 146.42 almost regularly in mid EN43,  and some of the guys 
have decent beams vertical, but nada horizontal, a couple have both.  I try 
to mine 2m FM in the tests, but rarely get a bite.
If FM only is going to get more hams active in contests,  then we will  have 
to do a good job of  promoting. I'll try and push the idea locally, maybe if 
everyone mentions it at a club meeting or on the local rag net we could see 
a surge in contestors.

 I bet there are ops out there just waiting to do something besides monitor 
the local repeater or watch their APRS map dry, especially if they are also 
suffering cabin fever (no HF).

An operator in a metro area could easily land a top 10 score with a Tri-band 
HT and top floor apt or hill... it will be interesting to see the results. 
6 meter FM, conditions like last year? Could also be interesting.

Dave, WV9E

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> Here in Badger Contesters-land (WI/IL) we tend to use 146.55 and 146.58
> the most.  We steer new folks to those freqs to get started.  I suppose
> 146.49 and 146.46 would be the next two to offer.  And I've done some
> CQ'ing up on 147.48.  I also mention that 52.525, 223.5 and 446.00 are
> fair game if they have the bands.
> I think having a list of five suggested frequencies ready to go would be
> a good offering as we contact local clubs about the upcoming contest.
> And mention that the rules prohibit 146.52.
> If I wanted to offer two more suggested frequencies on 6m FM, what would
> you suggest beyond 52.525?  52.50? 52.490? 52.550?
> 73
> Bruce Richardson W9FZ
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