[VHFcontesting] FM Contesting Suggested Frequencies

Darryl Holman djholman at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 13 17:40:10 EST 2012

Great.  I like the 2 meter list.

One comment about 23 cm.   In the Pacific NW, most of the FM activity during 
contests is on 1296.2 MHz instead of 1294.2 MHz. This allows folks with 
transverters that don't go down to 1294 MHz to connect with folks sporting FM 
equipment only.  Some commercial gear may not be easily moved to 1294.2 without 
modification or going through the trouble proprietary reprogramming, so it's 
probably best to monitor (and call CQ on) both.

I picked up an Alinco DJ-G7 (1 W FM on 23 cm) for my Limited Rover station in 
July's UHF contest, it it worked out very well and added a big fun factor.  It 
worked even better during the fall Microwave sprints.    Eventually I'll add 
transverters for 23 and 33 cm to my set-up---feel free to contact me if you are 
trying to get rid of one.

The 23 cm and 33 cm don't apply to the FM category, because the stations are 
limited to 2m through 223 MHz.   With any luck, though, the ARRL will also 
create an FM only category for the UHF contest that includes 222 MHz through 
1296 MHz.

Darryl, ww7d

On 12/13/2012 11:10 AM, Les Rayburn wrote:
> Did some quick research, and got input from several hams off-list. Came up 
> with the following list:
> 146.55 (Primary)
> 146.58 (Primary)
> 147.58
> 146.46
> 146.42
> We should also mention that the the National Simplex Frequency of 146.52 is 
> NOT allowed for contest contacts, or soliciting for contacts. It should be 
> avoided.
> On other VHF bands, look for FM activity on:
> 52.525
> 223.5
> 446.0
> 927.5
> 1294.5
> Some of the five Two Meter frequencies may not work in your area. But at least 
> one should work everywhere. Even one or two channels should handle contest 
> traffic even in the biggest metro areas. So what does the group say? Show of 
> hands? If we can agree on these frequencies, then we can turn our attention to 
> getting the word out.

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