[VHFcontesting] FM Contesting Suggested Frequencies

Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO wa4zko at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 21:59:35 EST 2012

Suspect we might be better off getting a list of 1st & 2nd choices for each band, then run them past the various repeater coordinating groups for their thoughts.

Probably be best to pick spots lower in the bands than the usual spots for reasons of transverters, SSB optimized yagis, etc etc.  Then maybe approach the league for getting the rules changed to include those freqs as it knocks out a lot of the awareness issue if they help out..esp if they get listed in the contest rules!

I think the possible gotcha on 2m is some of the usual 146 and 147 MHz simplex pairs are used for repeater inputs/outputs in some parts of the country (my my, what a mess, grin).

Can't recall his call (think his name is Sean) one of the ARRL HQ guys is on this list?

Just my thoughts.




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