[VHFcontesting] VHF FM Contest Frequencies

Bob Fischer bobw2sj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 11:30:18 EST 2012

Hi Les es all,

In the Philadelphia area (Pack Rats) the FM activity for years has been
conducted on 146.55 & 146.58 and more limited on 146.49. This was usually
just for the January contest with FM activity being sparse in June &
September. 223.50, 446.0, & 446.1 have also been very active over the
years. 52.525 has not been very popular unless the band opens. An
occasional contact may be found on other "recognized simplex frequencies",
but usually involves operators who use those frequencies for rag chews, etc
especially during contest times.

I welcome the new category obviously for more contacts but most importantly
for a chance to meet others, often "newbies" to VHF+ and encourage them to
try other weak signal modes also.

73 to all and good luck in the contest!
Bob Fischer, W2SJ

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