[VHFcontesting] EM 91 Operation December 29 & 30

beamar beamar at aol.com
Fri Dec 28 08:24:10 EST 2012

I am  going to Jekyll Island, GA, EM 91. We will be there on Saturday and Sunday, December 29 & 30. We will leave on the morning of December 31. This is primarily a vacation, but I am taking 2M and 70 cm gear with me. I want to find a site for rover/portable operation, in a future contest. It would be nice to have someone to talk to.

            I will have 4 watts and a 7 element yaghi at 7 feet on 2M. On 70 cm I will have 70 watts and an 18 element yaghi at 10 feet. I plan on setting up, on the beach, with a clear shot up and down the coast. 

            Depending on the weather, my plans are to be on late afternoon/early evening, on December 29 and 30. I would like to set up some skeds. Please e mail me, off list. If you want to call me, my cell phone number is 863 397 8025. If you want a sked, at another time, I will make best efforts to accommodate you. 

Buddy WB4OMG

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