[VHFcontesting] Group2 of the K5N DXpedition is now complete....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Mon Jun 4 06:55:07 PDT 2012

Hello to everyone interested in FFMA and grid chasing....I got a call 
from Tom-NQ7R last night.  He has signed on to Group2 for the Great 
Summer DXpedition to the Big Bend area.  This is great news as it means 
that Group2 is back up to full strength.  The roster is now 
George-NR5M(team leader), Colin-KU5B(both Houston area), 
Jim-KK6MC(Albuquerque area), and Tom-NQ7R(Casa Grande area, AZ)

Actually, Group2 of the K5N Grid Activation Group will be activating the 
DL79-DL89 line from a location in the Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Gear 
is now planned to be a combined pair of the M2 6M-1000 solid state 
amplifiers and a 6M7JHV on a tower-trailer.  They should be LOUD and 
will be using the call N5K.  Tentatively, N5K will operate Es on 
50.170MHz and will operate FSK441 MS on 50.270.  Those frequencies are 
5KHz above where K5N will be operating.

We believe that Group2 will have limited internet via a tethered cell 
phone, but we are not sure that there is coverage at the actual grid 
line location.  IF there is limited coverage, the will be using the 
ON4KST 50MHz Region2 pages for liaison.

That is all the information that I have at this time.  We have to 
operate the June VHF contest and then we will begin packing up all the 

Thanks Jim and Tom for going out with us on short notice.

73 Marshall K5QE
Team Leader Group1
K5N Grid Activation Group
A Grid Bandits DXpedition

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