[VHFcontesting] K2FR VHF contest Plans - Slide Mtn 4200 feet 4 bands

Andrew Mennerich andrewmennerich at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 07:48:49 PDT 2012

I am finalizing my plans for the weekend.

I will be on top of Slide Mountain in the catskills FN21TX 

Bands ill have

2m fm/ssb
70cm fm/ssb
6m fm/ssb
1.25 fm (223)

I will be around 4200 feet of elevation and have clear shots 360'

Ill be using my Ft-817nd, so 5 watts on 2,70,6 and 1.5w on 223 on the vx8r fm

I'm counting on everyone with base stations to do the heavy lifting while I just make a peep on the air from my location =)

I will then be camping out in a nearby site and possibly returning to the peak in the AM and operating for a few more hours on Sunday.

These plans are all subject to change.  Weather, injury, gear malfunction etc etc can basically shut me down.
I will have APRS near the top of the peak, under K2FR-7  (www.aprs.fi)  I will probably have status messages bands/info of what i'm doing.

Looking forward to making some sweet contacts given the height ill be at plus the flurry of activity that the contest brings.

Andrew - K2FR

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